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The Stewart/Stand® V-Pouch: Best for keeping your cards safe from identity thieves.

This is not your father's wallet – unless your dad is Robocop. Virtually any permutation of the pant stash you can imagine is available from this company, every single one using a woven stainless-steel fabric that's extremely tough yet surprisingly flexible. The entire Stewart/Stand line has a futuristic look and feel, but the steel isn't just for show. The material is also perfect for RFID-blocking, meaning you won't have to worry about identity thieves.

Innovative designs abound, but our favorite is the refreshingly simple, smart, and affordable V-Pouch. Essentially, it's a pocket for your pocket and its vertical orientation makes it work easily with even the tightest pair of jeans. You can run the V-Pouch slim, with a few cards and some cash, or stuff it to almost an inch thick, with a mini-Moleskine, a bunch of cards, and a hundred bucks in twenties. Don't worry about over stuffing. The side gussets are woven out of silver ballistic nylon. And note the V-neck: It gives easy access to folded cash or allows a debit-card quick-draw with a slide of the thumb. [$20.50;]

Entreprenuer : Get your gift on! Eight of the holiday's hottest novelties.
Passport sleeves, $49.50; billfolds for men, $72; clutch wallets for women, $119.50 and up

Re-purposed is the new chic. The accessories made by family-owned Stewart/Stand, carried by hip design stores like those at the Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in New York, are made from re-purposed industrial-grade stainless steel fabric. You have to touch them to believe: The steel feels like silk. Not only are they cool, sleek and eco-conscious, the steel protects your credit cards and passport from Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) hackers. RFID chips send out a signal to scan the information off your credit and debit cards. But if they're tucked away in a Stewart/Strand stainless steel billfold, the RFID signal can't get through.

The Demure Muse, Katrina. What's in my purse? Travel Editition

The Demure Muse
Katrina's What's in my Purse? : July 07 2013


(1) Betsey Johnson satchel, (2) Pond’s travel size face cream, (3) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15, (4) Canon Rebel XS, (5) Flips Audio Headphones, (6) You Smell Lemon Verbena Paper Soap, (7) Stewart/Stand RFID blocking wallet.

I’m kicking off the recap of the San Francisco to Los Angeles road trip posts with a “What’s in my purse” post after the “What’s in my clutch” post from last month had such positive reactions. Although I’ve only been home for less than 2 hours, I knew I wanted to post about my travel necessities. I’m one of those people who likes to travel with only a carry on-sized luggage (rolling clothes and playing Tetris in a suitcase is not as fun as it is on Gameboy), so I make sure that I pack strategically light. My purse is the other “personal item” allowed as a carry on, so I need to make sure that what I bring in there is going to be useful every day of the trip.

What Katrina had to say about our Red Clutch Wallet: You know how technology is super awesome nowadays and you can easily make purchases by tapping your credit/debit card on a point of sales terminal? It’s so easy to complete a transaction without having to swipe a card to transfer the info and sometimes, if the amount is small enough, you don’t even have to sign a receipt to complete the purchase! So the downside to this convenience is that using the same data transfer technology, your personal data (name, credit card number, billing zip, etc) can be stolen without your knowledge. Pretty scary to think that the same technology that makes our purchasing flows so much more easy and convenient can also be used against us as consumers. (You can more about RFID blocking here.)

Stewart/Stand has come up with woven stainless steel fabric that will protect your personal data from being stolen. I was really lucky with timing to get a chance to take their red wallet clutch on vacation with me. Not only is the design of the wallet itself beautiful, but the functionality behind it helped me to travel with ease, not having to worry about my personal info getting stolen. I was personally able to hold 8 cards in the wallet (there are 6 card slots, but I was afraid to stretch the leather too much) and it is designed to be very thin, which was a perfect match for my space-conscious concerns.

As someone who loves seeing technology make our day-to-day lives easier, I think it’s also important to be aware of how these new technologies can be abused and what we can do as conscious consumers to protect ourselves. The last thing I’d want to have to deal with on vacation is having my credit card number stolen!

Whew! There you have it… the somewhat nerdy contents of my girly Betsey Johnson purse (not pictured: Ethernet cable which I kept in the zippered inside pocket because you never know when WiFi won’t be available)! Now I’m curious to know what you carry in your purse when traveling. Did I miss anything that you just can’t leave for vacation without?

Stephanie Gray, Voyageur chic traveller

OFF-DUTY STYLE : When casual chic is the new chic.

CHIC Trends : Streamlined, elegant, interesting, timeless. Your style is your own, but we love to inspire it. In CHIC Trends, we're keen to discuss the latest fashions, from shoes and jewelry to fine leather and warm, riveting outerwear. Stay informed and have fun - these are fabulous, fashionable times! (1) Saint Laurent white square mesh patterned Coldylan shirt $440, (2) Ted Baker Katnis conrtast fabric blazer $550, (3) Alexander McQueen indigo silk skull scarf $260, (4) Mexx Graphic T-shirt $36, (5) Stewart/Stand bill fold w. ID $72, (6) ECCO OMAK shoes $210, (7) Persol PO 3034S Crystal $360

Lucky Magazine
Lucky Contributor, Chris Evangelista

Futuristic Summer, June 04, 2013 : While the summer season is synonymous with bright cheerful colors, wearing them isn't mandatory. Taking a queue from the season's blockbusters, this look is not only sci-fi worthy but boasts high-tech features. (1) Body Con Panelled Dress, Warehouse, (2) Zipper Wallet, Stewart/Stand, (3) Tate Color Block Wedge, Sole Society, (4) Gold Wrapped Lucite Bangle, C Wonder, (5) AVA Motion Polycarbonate Lens, Hobie Polarized

SchreibKultur Lifestyle Magazine
Editor, Sabine Baumstark

KNITTING STEEL : Finely woven steel wallets and bags by American Designer Stewart/Stand. These eye-catching bags represent the modern life style.

Nothing is impossible - a new exclusive material gives wallets and accessories a unique look. Finely woven steel strands combine to form a silky and luminous luster, two designers from New York have marketed their discovery. An entire product line has evolved from this fascinating material: wallets, purses, messenger bags, computer bags. These chic accessories appeal to men and women alike.

Always on the lookout for something new, I wondered who were the people behind this unusual idea? The Stewart/Stand Design Firm was founded in 2002 by brothers Theo & Paul Stewart-Stand in Brooklyn, New York. Theo conjured up the idea while attending an exhibition on Extreme Materials in New York, "I ​​was drawn to the material, I needed to find a reason to incorporate this material into my every-day."

The brothers traced the fabric to a materials factory in Italy specializing in Technical-Textiles. It took several trips to various Leather Goods Manufacturers to find a producer who was able & willing to implement the designers' dream, "It cost us many nights of reflection, creating and re-drafting, until the products finally met our expectations", explains Paul. Such an inventive product would require precision tailoring equipment & highly trained professionals.

Developing the product line took roughly 10 years. Presented today, the Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallet & Accessories Collection offers the complete range of Mens & Womens Small Personal Goods. The individual threads of the fabric, although strong, feel like silk. The material is brilliant - robust and extremely weather resistant. Impervious to acids & salts, they offer an additional technical safeguard: they can protect your personal information from radio frequency theft (RFID).

In the U.S., the embedded RFID chips in credit cards, bank cards, IDs & passports are a hot topic. Increasingly, people seek solutions securing their private information through RFID Blocking products. The designers at Stewart/Stand have solved this problem in a sophisticated and elegant display of style. The Stainless Steel Wallet creates a Faraday cage, protecting all RFID enabled devices from detection. Time has told - years have passed, not a single customer has contacted Stewart/Stand claiming their data was stolen.

Stewart/Stand has also caught the attention of the U.S. media. Appearances on The Today Show (NBC) and on Good Morning America (ABC) has introduced the Stainless Steel Wallets & Accessories to a large audience and into the consciousness of the consumer. The design firm has also been featured in Lifestyle magazines such as "Elle Decor", "Rondo" & "WIRED", and has landed feature-articles in "The Boston Globe", a leading news source for the North East, U.S.

A great success in America, Stewart/Stand has followed their fans beyond the U.S. boarders. New markets lead to broadening the collections in order to capture the nuances of a distinct customer base. For example, wallets & accessories that combine leather and the stainless steel silk. The original design is easily marketed to a vegan market, the Texture Collection targets Architects & the Design Savvy. All the designs are accessible to the Eco-Conscious Consumer, more than 85% of the stainless steel is post-consumer recycled.

We caught up with Paul Stewart-Stand while he was touring the European Market at Tendence in Frankfurt. The Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallets & Accessories premier was presented by the German Distributors HV Sales & Marketing Consult via Wiesbaden. Hans-J Vogl, a principal at the European Firm had only one comment to make "The Stewart/Stand brand can only be described as a successful fit for our retailer. Finally something new and unique in both design and functionality."

Oprah Magazine : "The O List"

Stewart/Stand® met up with Oprah's Style Team and worked on these colorful stainless steel wallets. Oprah liked them so much she decided to add them to her "O" list in June's Oprah Magazine. We are honored to have our design mentioned by the American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropist.

Look for us here: "The O List... A few things we think are just great."

Choose from High-Contrast Black or Color that POPS! Choose from bright or pale hues - all colors that will accent the stainless steel and brighten up your day! All styles are also available in our traditional black or grey. Leather is added to the edge and accents the inside creating additional durability in a graphic application that still allows for the super-slim aesthetic Stewart/Stand is known for. Thank you Oprah for inspiring us to add color to our collection!

Beekman Boys : "Project Muck Boot"

The Fabulous Beekman Boys. These Manhattan city slickers actually did what us "city folk" have fleeting impulses to do. They bought ‘the farm they fell in love with’ while taking a weekend in Northern New York State. Yes, the Beekman Mansion is quite a draw, but the ‘working farm’ that comes with it... that is where most of us start having second thoughts.

If you have heard of Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner Dr. Brent Ridge then you know about their muck boots. These city slickers can dress as cosmopolitan as they like while caring for their goats, pigs and their llamas, but without their handy "muck boots" it just wouldn't seem practical.

A chance meeting b/t Brent and Stewart/Stand while working in the city lead to a request to draw-up designs for custom stainless steel "muck boots"... in time for The Beekman Boy’s Fashion's Night Out soirée at Henri Bendel. Designer’s Paul Stewart- Stand & Nik Castronova gladly accepted the fashion challenge and put their talents to work. The Beekman Boys flipped out over their fancy new footwear & they have been spotted wearing them ever since.

The latest event the Fabulous Beekman Boys attended at Christofle's was no exception. Christofle hosted and toasted Josh & Brent as they celebrated the launch of their popular cook book "The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook". They wore their custom made Stewart/Stand boots, a perfect pairing for such a fabulous occasion.

Sleek & Sturdy Steel RFID Wallet Keeps Hackers at Bay

Ever felt the need to replace your tattered, bulging, leather wallet with something closer to a solid metal case? Now you can. A new wallet made from industrial-grade stainless steel fabric promises to keep your money and credit cards safe -- from rain, perspiration, spills and even identity thieves.

New York designer Theo Stewart-Stand created the steel wallet from the same finely woven, industrial steel that is used in aerospace applications, petroleum processing and metal doors and windows. Stewart-Stand tightened the weave of the steel so it is small and flexible enough to thread into fabric, but still stronger and far more durable than leather or suede. The resulting skinny wallet feels as smooth as silk -- but doesn’t stretch, is cool to the touch and, of course, can’t be stained.

“It’s a good conversation piece and elicits a lot of comments,” says Paul Stewart-Stand, the designer’s brother and business partner. “People see it at a dinner party and want to know where they can get one.”

While developing the wallet, Theo Stewart-Stand inadvertently discovered an even more unique benefit. It turns out the stainless steel used in the wallet protects from the latest concern in identity theft: RFID hackers. Many new ID products, such as no-swipe credit cards, corporate access key cards and the newest U.S. passports, include radio frequency identification, or RFID, tags that allow scanners to rapidly access information.

Today's Style

Meredith Barnett is an avid shopper and trend watcher with a keen eye for what’s hot today. As the Editorial Director of The Inside Source and her previous experience as Digital Media Director at Lifetime Networks & as Editor at Lucky Magazine, she has a keen eye for current shopping trends, and places it in the context of the big picture—in pop culture, fashion, style, home and garden, technology and sustainable living.

Meredith was asked to pick-out top gifts for the Today Show team. Here she talks to Matt Lauer in this report on Trends in Mens Accessories. Meredith picks out Stewart/Stand's Cufflink Collection, as what's hot for Today's Style..



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