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Radio-Frequency IDentification, refers to info stored in a chip on a debit or credit card, driver’s license, or passport. Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallets and Accessories create a barrier protecting the data from unauthorized access.

This info is not protected and can be accessed without your knowledge::
full name, billing zip, cc number/identification number, exp date, personal passport data.

(Less sensitive info on security access cards run on a different frequency, these cards are not affected by our wallets).



O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

BoingBoingTV and Pablos Holman, a Computer Hacker and Futurist demonstrate retrieving a credit card number, et-cetera. In this presentation they use a Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallet to demonstrate how to protect this sensitive information.





The Last Hope Hackers Conference

Adam Savage from the Discovery Channel television show "Myth Busters". During a Q&A Savage explains why the producers did not pursue an episode about RFID technology. Listen to why Adam "got chills" thinking about it & his associate "gets white in the face" when he thinks about RFID.




CNN Reports on Identity Theft Threat

Take an insider's tour of what happens when your personal information is accessed. Dan Clements of Card Cops works under cover to catch people who Buy + Sell personal identity information on the internet. Explore the virtual black market where information is bid on via underground chat rooms.

50 million+ RFID enabled credit & debit cards have been issued since 2007. Over 20 million Americans are affected by identity theft every year.




RFID in Plain English

If you are still not sure what an RFID enabled device is or if you think that you are not affected by RFID technology, The Team High Rollers Show presents a clear explanation of how our every day lives revolve around this modern technology. Super simple, this video tracks the use of RFID chips/tags from Manufacturer to Consumer, from Logistics to Checkout, from Kellogs to You.




RFID Technology

Mark Baard of The Boston Globe features the Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallet: Stylish wallets block rogue RFID readers. A line of gorgeous RFID blocking wallets from the Brooklyn Product Design Company Stewart/Stand will dazzle your friends, impress your date and protect you against forces unseen. To read the whole story and check out more Stewart/Stand Press click here.




Sleek & Sturdy Wallets Keep Hackers at Bay

Gadgets: Ever felt the need to replace your tattered, bulging, leather wallet? A new wallet made from industrial-grade stainless steel fabric promises to keep your money and credit cards safe - from rain, perspiration, spills and even identity thieves. To read the whole story and check out more Stewart/Stand Press click here.