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Brooklyn, New York USA
San Diego, California USA

STEWART/STAND® is a privately held design company established by brothers Theo and Paul Stewart-Stand now headquartered in San Diego, CA. The company designs, markets and sells design-led men's and women's accessories and other original lifestyle products to customers worldwide. Through their flagship store and retail partners in the US, Europe and Asian markets, this American design company has expanded far beyond its Brooklyn, NY origins - since 2002.

STEWART/STAND® has gained a reputation for producing innovative accessories for men and women with quality and craftsmanship that is unmatched in material, interest, and style.



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The Studio continues to maintain a focus on compact, lightweight, and smart materials design. Partnering with visionary manufacturers we are able to successfully introduce « concept products » to market.

In addition to consumer product ideas and development, The Studio assists in more then product design, extending their creative talent to develop all visual media published + distributed by the company.

As a company with a patented portfolio of product design The Studio believes in producing design work that is original. Finding a balance in consumer product trends and our design theory help differentiate our products from competitors as well as ensuring exciting new designs.


As consumer interests shift, we respond by shifting our focus within our product catalog. This year our main focus is our Stainless Steel Wallet + Accessories collection, and the extension of the range into larger accessories and smaller tech accessories - coming soon.

Below are some of our featured items from the STEAWART/STAND® portfolio. As of this year, our entire portfolio is patented.


Designed 2005 - The discovery, refinement and development of Stewart/Stand’s signature stainless steel material coincided with a seminal exhibition at The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. The title of the exhibition: Extreme Textiles.

The material has diverse applications: Incorporated into spacesuits for durability, appreciated by architects for its flexible + stable nature, favored by engineers for its precision and impermeability, preferred by surgeons for strength, and chosen by Stewart/Stand for its beauty and security.

Around the time of this exhibition we began developing the material for our specific applications, falling in love with both the steel’s touch and handle. Stewart/Stand sensed a tremendous opportunity at the intersection of fashion and technology. Combining age-old tailoring techniques, with state of the art equipment, Stewart/Stand ensures a thin, lightweight alternative to traditional leather; an intelligent accessory that can be carried every day.


Designed 2004 - Lightweight and flat folding. This patented design allows you to produce additional seating in style. Easy to hide away but beautiful for every day dining. Designed with finished plywood, this puzzle piece design fits together and creates a crossed section cubby below the seat to house magazines and the like. Available in many color ways. High-gloss automotive industry painting process allows for great wear.


Designed 2002 - Theo Stewart-Stand originally designed Flatlinks as gifts to family and groomsmen present at his July 2000 wedding. The guests at the wedding were impressed by the simplicity and elegance of the cufflinks’ design and they encouraged him to continue to develop the product. He sought to design cufflinks that were easy to put in and takeout of a French cuff shirt, while maintaining a simple, efficient design that is sleek and elegant.

All of the the cufflinks are flat-folding and reversible. Flatlinks are housed in a custom magnetic travel case. This offers a great example of the ‘Experiential Attributes’ of STEWART/STAND® products.


Designed 2007 - The Flatterware cup body is molded out of a single piece of flexible plastic, with a helical structure. This allows it to spring open and close with ease. The Flatterware bowl is constructed in the same fashion. By pushing on the side of the bowl you release the vacuum seal. As you pull off the lid the bowl pops open.


Designed 2013 - Energy Integration: Wearable technology, rechargeable power supplied by the JoeyTM T35, the world's most advanced, feather-weight, computerized power source.

Freedom of mobility. The modern lifestyle revolves around the convenience of having the world at your fingertips. How do we ensure our connectivity will last the journey? We remove the uncertainty through the Joule Collection of handbags + accessories. Integrated with the highest quality + longest lasting computerized energy source your freedom to remain mobile is ensured.