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// About This Collection //

An industrial textile prevelent in contemporary architecture, strong enough to protect astronauts from meteors in space but with a handle as smooth as silk. We fell in love with this material + our stainless steel wallet design is our way of incorporating this stunning textile in our every day lives. The launch of the stainless steel wallet also marks the introduction of the world's first RFID blocking anti-theft wallet. The only eco-conscious + nontoxic choice, our ID wallets for men naturally blocks RFID frequencies from our credit cards, driver's licenses, military IDs + passports. It is the seemless solution to a modern concern. It is the seemless solution to a modern concern.

Since 2005, we have further developed new stainless steel textiles, adding textures to the fabric. Each unique pattern reacts differently with light, creating dynamic effects of shadow + shading. With over 100 men's RFID wallets, there is a stainless steel wallet designed for every man.

The debut of the stainless steel wallet marked the moment anti-theft technology became a sportswear textile. We find ourselves at the forefront of emerging trends as well as emerging technologies. Testing materials for ID wallets for men and other new personal accessory concepts was part of the original premise that inspired us: developing accessories for modern living.

Our stainless steel wallets are made exclusively of bendible, flexible fabric. The most prevalent being the stainless steeel fabric. Soft and smooth, the material has a handle similar to that of silk. Often referred to as "stainless steel silk". When woven, this textile is not blended with any other material, such as cotton, polyester, silk or elastic, it is simply strands of stainless steel thread woven into a fabric. Used in architecture due to it's strength + flexibility, it is known as a structural textile. As a structural textile the fabric is capable of holding a texture, thus our vast selection of textured steel wallets. We use a 20 ton press and a textured plate to emboss the material, creating a series of three-dimensional patterns on the fabric.

The first wallet we designed was made from 100% stainless steel fabric. We later deccided to add accents of different fabrics to the spine of the wallets and to other areas for aesthetic purposes. This expanded our offering into many collections. There is a stainless steel wallet for every man, depending on his taste. Whether you are after the all-steel look of our original and texture collections, or prefer leather exteriors, or just accents of steel... there are ample options available. Every men's RFID wallet is lined with out stainless steel textile, beneath any piece of leather or other accent fabric. Every STEWART/STAND® wallet blocks RFID chips no matter what pocket it is placed in.

A frequent question on whether the stainless steel effects magentic strips on credit cards still occurs. Magentic credit card strips can be effected by magnets, our stainless steel textile is not magnetised and can not be magnetised. They alloy used to create the fabric does nto create enough iron to hold a magnetic charge. The stainless steel wallet does not effect the magnetic strip on credit cards in any way. The stainless steel wallet does protect your credit card information from theft, however, via the RFID chip embedded in enhanced or pay pass enabled credit cards.

Another frequent question about metal detectors has occured. Our stainless steel fabric is very strong, but very thin. It is a woven metal textile, for this reason it will not always show-up on a metal detector in a security setting. When walking through a metal detector it is customary to remove all accessories or empty your pockets, this includes wallets. For this reason, setting off a metal detector with your wallet is highly unlikely.

With all the wonderful benefits of owning a stainless steel wallet, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. STEWART/STAND is happy to help. We are always happy to assist in picking out the perfect wallet, whether it is for you or it is a gift for someone else.


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