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Stainless Steel Textile + Design : The discovery, refinement + development of our signature stainless steel material coincided with an exhibition at The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. The title of the exhibition: Extreme Textiles. Combining age-old tailoring techniques, with state of the art equipment. STEWART/STAND ensures a thin, lightweight alternative to the traditional. leather; an intelligent accessory that can be carried every day.




The stainless steel wallet:
------------------------------------   a new accessory.


It’s a fact - our best selling wallets are vegan. The Stainless Steel Wallet is an eco-conscious design. 100% of stainless steel is recyclable + our vegan wallets are made with 85%+ post-consumer recycled materials. We offer a wide variety of elegant options of earth friendly designs. These products in this assortment are “Peta-Approved Vegan”. 

Environmentally responsible design incorporates materials + processes that are safe for the planet. World-wide, we meet the highest consumer safety standards. 

State of the art equipment + talented tailors ensure the highest quality. We are proud of the technical tailors who have cut + sewn for us over the past 10 years.



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03 / cruelty free

A note from Nik : Cruelty-free products… to us, this goes further than just the materials that go into a product. I feel a responsibility to leave this earth a healthier place than I found it and to treat the craftspeople who make our products with respect. Respect for our environment and the people who live in it are what inspire me to create eco-responsible design. Over the years, I have been pleased to see a rise in makers who consider these things and we hope this trend continues. Our specialized material means hiring a team full-time and employing them year round. To retain the well-trained staff, we need to ensure a comfortable work environment, and more. The stainless steel fabric is vegan, of course.

Paul Stewart-Stand is often quoted as saying, “The last thing the world needed was another leather wallet,” which is our main selling point. There is so much room in accessories design for alternative materials that are vegan. We are one of the few options out there and I expect this category to grow. There are so many celebrities who are demanding vegan design and luckily ours is a luxury look which easily fits into evening attire for events, especially with our women’s designs. Our men’s accessories have a grand + loyal following for so many different reasons.

04 / intelligent design

Paul : We didn’t set-out to create a new category of accessories that never existed before, yet that is exactly what we did. In 2005 we introduced the world’s first Anti-Identity Theft personal accessory.

“Our stainless steel wallet design naturally blocks RFID transmissions from credit cards, passports + IDs that are RFID enabled.”

The debut of the stainless steel wallet marked the moment anti-theft technology became a sportswear textile. We find ourselves at the forefront of emerging trends as well as emerging technologies. Each minute the RFID chips in your wallet send 120 signals. An RFID reader can capture the signal + save the data. That signal contains your personal information, which can include your full name, your credit card information, your billing address, your photograph, your Mother’s maiden name, your place of birth, your passport number, your birth date... and much more. Our stainless steel fabric traps that signal and the data safely inside the wallet. Our design is patented and ISO Certified, as well as having been demonstrated by tech-industry heavy weights such as Pablos Holman, Xeni Jardin, and most recently, Violet Blue.

05 / shadow + light

A sophisticated silvery palate... both geometric and organic textures are impressed in the stainless steel - a proprietary process, creating a three dimensional textile pattern. The geometric pattern adds an added dimension to the already dynamic + reflective nature of our stainless steel textile. Shadows and shading influence the appearance of these patterns as light pours over the beveled surface.

We draw most of our inspiration from architecture. Our patron architect is Louis Kahn. These monuments play with shadow and light on a grand scale, one that we can walk around in. They use reflective materials and voids for illumination and to provide interior light. We pull patterns from shadows and geometric formations from these buildings, create texture blocks and use a 20-ton press to impress the texture into each piece of fabric that is used in our wallets. We also pull textures from traditional fashion patterns; men’s herringbone and women’s quilted textiles are a perfect fit for showing off the reflective nature of our steel textile.

The greatest challenge is finding materials to pair with the steel. Upholstery textiles are chosen for their durability + strength. We enjoy working with Maharam New York + Knoll Textiles for our collections.

06 / american design

We are a small + privately held design company with offices in New York + California, developing + selling design-led men’s and women’s accessories and other original lifestyle products to customers worldwide. We have gained a reputation for producing innovative accessories for men + women with quality + craftsmanship that is unmatched in material, interest, and style.

We are dedication to original + contemporary design, our design studio, named The Studio@, continues to maintain a focus on compact, lightweight + smart materials. Partnering with visionary manufacturers we are able to successfully introduce «concept products» to market. The development of the stainless steel textile, woven from threads of purely stainless steel, also combines the artistry of plate making with modern press operations. Since the project began we have expanded our portfolio, introducing over a dozen stainless steel textured fabrics to the world.

As a company with a patented portfolio of product design we believe in producing work that is original. Finding a balance in our design theory + consumer product trends we are able to bring exciting new designs to market. Learn more at beOriginalAmericas.com




You are supporting original american design STEWART/STAND is a member of beOriginal Americas

We are an eco-conscious brand, our products are made with 85%+ post consumer recycled materials

We created the first RFID blocking accessory, and we are the standard by which all other products are measured

Cut + sewn by the finest professional tailors

Our wallets DO NOT demagnetize credit cards. Adversely, they ONLY protect credit card data, if RFID enabled

Our wallets will show up in a metal detector. We recommend removing your wallet when passing through security check points, which is the current standard

When you place RFID enabled credits card or IDs in one of our wallets we can guarantee the safety of your information, anywhere inside the wallet is sufficient

A super compact wallet, an ultra thin design

Lighter than leather, each strand of stainless steel thread is 3x thinner than a single sheet of paper.

Strong enough to protect astronauts from meteorites in space. Leather can't beat the strength of our stainless steel wallet collections.

Our best selling styles are vegan AND ARE cruelty free

Fashion technology is chic, vegan design is sleek, and eco-conscious is always in style

If you have questions related to your personal RFID security, please contact us, we are happy to answer any questions



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Paul Stewart-Stand
CEO + Founder

Nik Castronova
Creative Director


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