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// About This Collection //

Transforming patterns into textures, creating a lasting impression in our steel textile. The reflective nature of our stainless steel fabric adds a unique element to this RFID women's wallet collection. Adding depth generates a dynamic dance of shadow + light along the surface. Adding soft + bold colors allows the stainless steel in our women's clutch wallets to shine. This collection houses all of our RFID women's wallets, including clutch wallets, zipper wallets, French purses, and more.

We first laid eyes on stainless steel fabric while developing a jewelry collection in Italy. We were touring a specialized factory that had been weaving the textile for industrial use. The fabric’s interaction with light created a beautiful effect. We weren’t certain about what we would create with this textile, we knew we had to have it.

Soft to the touch : Soft and smooth, the material has a handle similar to that of silk. Referred to in our studio as "stainless steel silk”, your fingers glide along as you run them over the fabric. When woven, this textile is not blended with any other material, such as cotton, polyester or elastic, it is simply strands of stainless steel thread woven into a fabric.

We wanted the material to have an every day application, a reason to interact with it’s beauty as often as possible. Something we carry with us… a personal accessory we use every day. The collection of stainless steel accessories we developed highlight the beauty of the stainless steel fabric by either increasing it’s sheen or pairing it with carefully chosen materials.

After a year of developing our techniques and perfecting the weave we required for our application we began our search for the most luxurious materials to pair with our stainless steel. A full grain leather full of richness and depth of color, vegetable dyed to perfection. A low-sheen allows the stainless steel to shine in comparison. Italy remaining our main source, we found a silver nylon that was strong enough to be sewn with the stainless steel. Reflective and bright, the silvery white tones compliment the silvery grey of the steel.

A visit to the factory : 25,000 strands of thread, each one three times thinner than a piece of paper, whip back and forth across a large loom. The movement of the harnesses rising and the reeds swaying create a rhythmic soundtrack as the fabric collects onto the cloth beam. The room is dimly lit. Every so often a breeze causes a window shade to rise slightly. As a single stream of light reaches the working machine, it catches on the moving threads causing a reflective light show. As each individual thread spins and glides flashes of fractured light rays are released, producing sudden bursts of brightness in the dark.

As the collection grew we began to incorporate patterns in the stainless steel textile. Stewart/Stand has expanded our portfolio of stainless steel textiles, introducing over a dozen different patterns. Combining the artistry of letterpress with our fabric allows us to develop new textures. A geometric pattern adds dimension to the reflective nature of our stainless steel textile. Shadows and shading influence the appearance of these patterns as light pours over the beveled surface. With every bend in the pattern the reflection of light is increased. A truly luminous effect.

A wallet for every woman, this extensive collection of RFID women's wallets includes card cases, slim and mini wallets, french purses, zipper closure purses, clutch wallets, continental wallets, passport cases and covers and wallets, as well as travel wallets. No matter what style of wallet you prefer, there is a STEWART/STAND stainless steel wallet designed for you. Our color palette includes steely grey, in our full grain leather, or our shimmery silver nylon, which is a luxury vegan option. Our color options range from cobalt blue, rich black, and bold berry pink to bright yellow, subtle periwinkle blue and pale jade.

Our stainless steel grey wallets for women and other accessories naturally protect the RFID signal from modern credit cards and IDs from escaping your wallet. We are credited as being the world’s first, and still the best, RFID blocking wallet. The ultimate in design should incorporate modern security. Place your credit card anywhere in your stainless steel wallet and it is officially protected from hi-tech theft.


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