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In 2005 STEWART/STAND® introduced the world's first Anti-Identity Theft personal accessory. Our stainless steel wallet design naturally blocks RFID transmissions from credit cards, new passports + IDs that are RFID enabled. You can browse some of our top identity theft wallets in our collection above.

Radio-Frequency IDentification, refers to information stored in a chip on a debit or credit card, driver’s license, or passport. STEWART/STAND® stainless steel identity theft wallets + accessories create a barrier protecting the data from unauthorized access.

This RFID enabled information is not protected and can be accessed without your knowledge: full name, billing zip, cc number/identification number, exp date, personal passport data.

(Less sensitive information on security access cards run on a different frequency, these cards are usually not affected by our identity theft wallets)

1. Do not share personal information unnecessarily. (via internet, phone or in person)
2. Shred statements, receipts or anything containing personal data when discarding.
3. Do not carry unnecessary documents in your wallet.
4. Use a PO Box/locked mail box if possible. Send sensitive mail via the Post Office.
5. Put your picture on credit & bank cards. Write "Check ID" on the back of credit cards.




Four of our favorite videos that explain Identity Theft + RFID Technology and our identity theft wallets. Short + sweet, take a few minutes to become an expert.


Featuring Xeni Jardin + Pablos Holman for Boing Boing TV


Featuring Adam Savage at The Last Hope Hackers Conference


RFID Credit Card Hacking


On the street : RFID Chip Safety



: : Mark Baard of The Boston Globe features the STEWART/STAND® Stainless Steel Wallet: Stylish wallets block rogue RFID readers. A line of gorgeous RFID blocking wallets from the Brooklyn Product Design Company Stewart/Stand will dazzle your friends, impress your date and protect you against forces unseen. : :

Stylish wallets with a stainless steel weave block rogue RFID readers.

It’s good to see a rfid-blocking accessories taking a stylish turn. A line of gorgeous rfid-blocking wallets from the Brooklyn product design company Stewart/Stand ( will dazzle your friends, impress your dates, and protect you against forces unseen, or perhaps nonexistent.

The likelihood that rogue readers are waiting to pick off your credit card number may be small at the moment. The chances are also small that a thief will enter through your unlocked door, if you live in a neighborhood that hasn’t seen a burglary in years. But someone has to be first. Why should it be you? And besides, nothing says prepared like a wallet lined with woven stainless steel.

Stewart/Stand’s driving, breast pocket, and bill fold wallets are slender but sturdy, with covers of tightly stitched leather and steel mesh. The wallets start at about $65, which may not be as cheap as the last beater you grabbed out of a bargain bin. But I suspect one of these will last longer.

The wallets come in wooden gift boxes with magnetic clasps, a touch that my wife, Lisa, an art director, found most appealing. As for me, I’m putting a bill fold stainless steel wallet on my wish list. It will make a fine addition to the potassium iodide tablets and bear repellent spray in my paranoid’s survival collection.



: : WIRED Magazine features our Stainless Steel Wallet design in their Gadgets section: Ever felt the need to replace your tattered, bulging, leather wallet? A new wallet made from industrial-grade stainless steel fabric promises to keep your money and credit cards safe - from rain, perspiration, spills and even identity thieves. : :

Sleek & Sturdy Steel RFID Wallet Keeps Hackers at Bay

Ever felt the need to replace your tattered, bulging, leather wallet with something closer to a solid metal case? Now you can. A new wallet made from industrial-grade stainless steel fabric promises to keep your money and credit cards safe -- from rain, perspiration, spills and even identity thieves.

New York designer Theo Stewart-Stand created the steel wallet from the same finely woven, industrial steel that is used in aerospace applications, petroleum processing and metal doors and windows. Stewart-Stand tightened the weave of the steel so it is small and flexible enough to thread into fabric, but still stronger and far more durable than leather or suede. The resulting skinny wallet feels as smooth as silk -- but doesn’t stretch, is cool to the touch and, of course, can’t be stained.

“It’s a good conversation piece and elicits a lot of comments,” says Paul Stewart-Stand, the designer’s brother and business partner. “People see it at a dinner party and want to know where they can get one.”

While developing the wallet, Theo Stewart-Stand inadvertently discovered an even more unique benefit. It turns out the stainless steel used in the wallet protects from the latest concern in identity theft: RFID hackers. Many new ID products, such as no-swipe credit cards, corporate access key cards and the newest U.S. passports, include radio frequency identification, or RFID, tags that allow scanners to rapidly access information.





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