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Introducing Aperture, by STEWART/STAND®. Inspired by the KODAK Chevron8 series of projectors. Focused on clean modern lines. A full grain black leather with stainless steel accents. Colorful trim added to the edges. A predominately stitch-less design, our tailors use new methods of sealing the wallet for a streamlined look + state of the art durability. Our bill fold is our best selling silhouette. We use the finest quality full grain leather. All of our Aperture wallets are completely lined in stainless steel. This wallet includes a circular window on the exterior allowing a peek at the steel beneath.

Available in technicolor. Choos from ice blue, lime green, bright red, a cobalt blue, teal green or bright yellow.

The basic bill fold holds both American and European bills. A shorter height on the slim fold silhouette perfectly fits US currency, a super-slim bill fold that easily fits in your front or back pocket.

With every advancement in RFID technology STEWART/STAND® remains the first + best. We replace the complexity of ID Theft with a simple action. Slide a credit card into our wallet… we do all the rest. Aperture is inspired by the Chevron Kodak series. The aesthetic of the modern classic echoes in our black + steel wallet. The dot on the exterior of these black leather wallets for men mimics the aperture. Aperture is the advanced wallet designed for modern life.

Every STEWART/STAND® wallet protects from Identity Theft. The stainless steel textile is hidden inside the lining of the aperture collection. Our stainless steel wallet design naturally blocks RFID transmissions from credit cards, new passports + IDs that are RFID enabled. You can browse some of our top identity theft wallets in our collection above. Radio-Frequency IDentification, refers to information stored in a chip on a debit or credit card, driver’s license, or passport. STEWART/STAND® stainless steel identity theft wallets + accessories create a barrier protecting the data from unauthorized access. This RFID enabled information is not protected and can be accessed without your knowledge: full name, billing zip, cc number/identification number, exp date, personal passport data. (Less sensitive information on security access cards run on a different frequency, these cards are usually not affected by our identity theft wallets).


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