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// About This Collection //

A pop of color to lend some fun to the steely nature of our wallets. This bright colored wallet collection features dichroic yellow, cobalt + peacock blues, pistachio greens. All of our colorful wallets come with an RFID-blocking stainless steel fabric interior to keep your identity protected.

Vegan wallets options offer the must fun, if you are seeking a colorful rfid-blocking wallet from STEWART/STAND®. The designer Hella Jongerius supplied the fabric for our Stripe Collection wallets, featured here in the new "slide" silhouette. Designed for modern life, "slide" maximizes space for credit cards, as well as offering a flexible design to accommodate bills - the Slide Collection is focused on organization making it easy to use, versatile + easy to carry. Reversible for multiple looks, includes colorful or subtle options. The slide bright colored wallet is travel savvy, technically inclined and has a slim profile.

If you are after a touch of color, the new Aperture Collection is your best bet. Edges trimmed in colorful teal, bright cobalt or an ice blue... or a bright lime green or a sunny yellow. Aperture includes a circular porthole on the front of the wallet that allows a peek of the stainless steel lining beneath. The porthole and all other edges are lined with the bright color of your choice.

For a full burst of color, try the leather exterior collections. The entire exterior of the colorful wallet is cloaked in vegetable dyed full grain leather for a soft handle that is also eco-friendly. Bright blue is available in the bill fold and driving wallet styles, as well as card cases. The dichroic yellow, hints at neon while maintaining a classic look. The yellow option is also available in the bill fold, driving wallet and card case silhouettes.


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