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Traditional with a twist. These brown wallets for men feature a supple leather exterior in hues of brown + tan. We use the finest quality full-grain leather. An enriched leather provides for a smooth, tight and supple hand. Like our stainless steel fabric, these men's brown wallets are favored for its elegance + strength.

What is more classic than a brown leather wallet? A time-honored favorite for the American man. It's a modern world, we can still cherish the quintessential classic... as long as it is includes the necesarry upgrades. If the "wallet" were to be invented today, would material would we use? What kind of security would it provide, in addition to holding your credit cards? STEWART/STAND® proposes, the world doesn't need another leather wallet. The stainless steel textile we use is lighter than leather. Our woven metal fabric is strong enough to proect astronauts from meteorites showers in space. This smooth, silky material that feels soft to the touch and not rough or rigid is non-toxic and eco-conscious. Our textile is made with 85% post-consumer recycled stainlesss steel and is 100% recyclable. This all-natural material is also "a natural" at blocking RFID signals that are emitted by your RFID enabled credit cards and IDs. How about that!? You get to keep your understated look, with all the trimmings necesarry for a modern world.

So what is more classic than a brown leather wallet? Is it called "whiskey shell" cordovan? STEWART/STAND offers an elegant cordovan tan leather wallet... with the addition of our stainless steel textile. Four silhouettes are included in our classic cordovan. The ever-popular bill fold wallet, a truncated driving wallet for those who choose not to carry bills, and lastly two options of credit card case or business/credit card case for the uber minimalist.

For the urban modernist, the slide wallet includes a deep black/brown slide wallet. Flexible, use the removable elastic band as bill fold or remove it for simply carrying cards. A brilliant way to organize your cards, slide your thumb along the opening to sort through the entire contents of your wallet. This men's brown wallets includes the "maximum carry" that is a popular request for those on the hunt for a new wallet, yet we also offer you an eco-conscious way of keeping your personal data safe.

Your RFID enabled credit cards and IDs contain an antena. This antena pulses 120 times/minute. That means 120 times a minute all your personal data is being sent aimlessly into the space around you, via radio frequency. Anyone standing on line next to you on line "anywhere", or sitting near you in a restaurant or cafe, near you on your commute, browsing the same section of the grocery store or while holiday shopping in the mall, or most often waiting for the light to change before crossing the street. Our stainless steel textile traps the radio frequency from exiting our brown wallets for men. This means that anyone standing nearby with a mobile device that picksup these signals is able to accept and save your personal credit card information or ID data. The introduction of smart phones and tablets enables the use of apps to collect this sensitive information that is not encrypted.

STEWART/STAND designs wallets for modern life.


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