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These card holder wallets come in a full spectrum of color options in full grain leather. Our Business / Credit Card Cases snap closed to keep your credit cards safe + your calling cards looking crisp and professional. Be sure to check back regularly for our updated stock of leather card holders.

"Dress for the position you want". It turns out that old adage actually works! There are countless articles on how looking the part will get you far. "Oh the places you will go," when you pull your business card out of a super sleek STEWART/STAND® leather card holder. Our smart card cases using technical stainless steel lining will leave a good impression.

Enough room to keep your business related credit cards in with a good stock of your calling card. RFID enabled corporate credit cards are the most-issued business expense card issued. Keep your job by keeping the corporate piggy bank safe, store your business credit cards in our RFID-blocking business / credit card holder wallets.

Running a quick errand + want to leave the bulky wallet behind, grab your car case, packed full of credit cards + folded cash... toss it in your bag or pocket + go. For those who like to keep it minimal, this is a perfect wallet solution for you, whether you want a subtle toned card holder... or if you are drawn to the bright + colorful options. Take it to the next level by choosing a card case with a stainless steel textured embellishment.


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