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// About This Collection //

Chroma (noun) - purity or intensity of color.

Stainless steel textile patterns of crocodile or alligator make a dramatic statement. This coveted design is a classic option for women’s accessories. Bold and beautiful the texture is paired with full grain leather in cheerful hues of berry, yellow + pale jade. Inside and out, these silver clutch wallets are colorful + fun.

Call it mint, pale jade, pastel green, but to call it a hint is a wild understatement. These jade wallets show off a refreshing pastel tone to cool things down. Don’t pass up the chance to wear the color of the hour.

Bold berry pink warms up the steel on the brighter side of rosey hues. A color inspired by the rich tones of the peony flower, the natural brightness excites and dazzles against the shimmery steel texture.

Be my sunshine! Buttercup, electric + shimmery, our yellow puts pep in your step. Chase the clouds away + brighten everyone's day. Walk on the sunny side of the street with mood-altering yellow tones! Guaranteed to make you smile.

Soft hued periwinkle blue, the sorbet sashay. Smart + sensual, this powder blue leather includes a touch of purple adds a fresh look to your wardrobe. Touches of pastels added to soft grey metallic ensembles are the update you have been longing for.

Going places? The Wristlet Travel Wallet is just the ticket. Holds a passport, 12 credit card pockets, multiple currency pockets as well as an interior zipper coin compartment ensures you will have everything you need when you bon-voyage! A wristlet strap gives you an added sense of security while navigating romantic cobble stone streets on your next adventure.

Is it a clutch or a wallet? Why hide the continental clutch wallet in your purse? It deserves the attention it gains while you are sipping cocktails in the salon at that michelin star restaurant. A seamless exterior, 12 credit card pockets, currency pockets and coin compartment hidden inside, you have everything you need for a night out.

The french know a thing or two about accessories. We proudly introduced our french purse wallet for those in the know. The perfect sized chrome wallet to hold 8 or more credit cards, plenty of cash in the the bill compartment and the zipper closure coin purse is divided so you can organize your receipts or drop a lipstick into this easy-to-access feature.

For the minimalist… or for those who want to add some RFID blocking super powers to their own wallet - the chroma collection card case has a pocket at the top that can hold several credit cards or IDs, some like to fold and stash cash here too. The front has one more card pocket and the back includes two. You can use this item alone, but it also can be dropped into an ordinary women’s wallet of your choosing allowing you to protect your RFID enabled credit cards and keep your old-favorite wallet.

The added bonus to this beautiful chrome collection is it’s natural RFID-Blocking feature. The stainless steel textile is the ultimate choice when it comes to hi-tech pick pockets. The steel traps the RFID chip’s signal in your wallet so that electronic pick pockets can not pick up the signal. The only elegant choice for RFID blocking on the market. STEWART/STAND brought the first RFID Security Wallet to the market in 2005. We are the first and still the best, when it comes to protecting your identity from theft. No need to worry about the technical details, we make it easy. Simply slide your credit card anywhere in one of our wallets et voila!


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