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// About This Collection //

LIGHT // The sun rises along the mountain range in the east, bringing with it a pale blue sky. The intensity of the yellow sun emerging from the mountains is unique to someone who was raised on the east coast. The early morning sun appearing over the tops of palm trees has a hint of green to it, this is the inspiration behind our yellow hue. It's nearly neon... dyed yellow, then green and then yellow again - a bright and cheerful yellow, certain to command a smile. Our clutch wallet incorporates the colors of San Diego's morning sky, peaceful, soft and welcoming. Looking towards the Pacific Ocean, along the horizon the water captures the daylight and projects a soft jade hue. The periwinkle blue sky reaches down to meet with the marine layer that creates a blurred line between the two. These are the colors we think of the most when we consider the southern California coast. The minty pale-jade adds a touch of excitement + periwinkle blue present a feeling of calm. Each style of wallet, is available in both periwinkle blue and the pale jade. When the sun makes its way across the sky to the sea the purple of the night sky blends with the yellow and red hues of the sun, they blend together to form our berry pink color. The berry pink sun setting on the pale jade Pacific Ocean is also captured in our clutch wallet.

From sunrise to sunset, bold + pastel hues blend together in this bright + cheerful collection of women’s accessories. Our signature crossed card slot design adds excitement to the interior. Stainless steel is paired with the finest quality full-grain leather to give these color block wallets an elegant and strong look.

BLACK // When night falls the sky turns a magnificent shade of cobalt blue. Having grown up in and around New York City, the vastness of the starry sky was something I imagined but never experienced long enough to truly appreciate. Riding bicycles at night, in the surf while peddling up and down the beach, the sky opens itself up to reveal it's beautiful color story. Tightly formed constellations surround themselves in light casting away the blackness to present a cobalt blue. The vast emptiness between the constellations drop into an inky rich black with hints of red and purple.

Rich black is paired with our bright stainless steel. A bold contrast. For these leather wallets for women, we’ve also combined our classic black with a bright shade of blue. Stainless steel is paired with a refined + durable full-grain leather.

The color block wallets in this collection are an excellent introduction to our stainless steel wallet concept. A perfect blend of a traditional textile with accents of our stainless steel textile. We incorporated our diamond and quilted textures to add more excitement. The interior pockets are selectively accented with our special textile, yet by placing your credit card or ID anywhere in one of our wallets guarantees security from RFID theft. Our patented design is unique, there is nothing else on the market that can compare. The only 100% natural solution to Identity Theft, STEWART/STAND® was the first company to offer an RFID-blocking wallet to the world - and we are still rated the best.

Paired with our stainless steel textile, our color block wallets add an edge not found anywhere else. A visual reminder that your credit card data is safe while inside, the silvery steel also adds a beautiful accent that highlights our metal hardware. These leather wallets for women are available in smooth or patterned steel.


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