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// About This Collection //

A soft-hued grey is paired with our textured stainless steel textiles. Geometric + organic patterns react differently as they play with shadow + light.

On Trend : Grey Pride // There was a uniting element to every collection presented this season. It was everywhere in every hue. Cool and warm tonal greys were represented in full spectrum. Adding texture and pattern created depth, excitement and drama in this grey wallet collection.

Our monochrome wallet collection features natural and geometric patterns. Our alligator pattern is a classic texture that glides easily into any wardrobe. The stripe texture is inspired by a cubist fracturing of a basic stripe pattern, the winding pattern of stripes cut across and behind each other tangled in a maze of movement. The shatter pattern has a silky plush feeling as you run your fingers over the texture, each bursting triangle connects at deep curving lines for a bright reflective and fun effect.

Smooth to the touch, the soft handle of our stainless steel fabric is similar to that of silk. Referred to in our studio as "stainless steel silk”, your fingers glide along as you run them over the fabric. When woven, this textile is not blended with any other material, such as cotton, polyester or elastic, it is simply strands of stainless steel thread woven into a fabric.

Perfect for the every day and excellent for traveling. Our stainless steel grey wallets for women and other accessories naturally protect the RFID signal from modern credit cards and IDs from escaping your wallet. We are credited as being the world’s first, and still the best, RFID blocking wallet. The ultimate in design should incorporate modern security. Place your credit card anywhere in your stainless steel wallet and it is officially protected from hi-tech theft.


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