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// About This Collection //

This periwinkle and jade wallet collection is inspired by the Southern California color palette of sea + sky. The west coast lends us a wide array of tones found throughout the women’s collections, from sun-up to sunset.

On Trend : A Hint of Mint // Call it mint, pale jade, pastel green, but to call it a hint is a wild understatement. A refreshing pastel tone to cool things down. Wear it any way you like. We found beautiful earrings + necklaces draping neutral toned attire. Bright loafers, strappy flat + heeled sandals + pumps. Most designers sung their acceptance by dressing up head-to-toe. If you shy away from predictable Spring + Summer pastels, don’t pass up the chance to wear this beautiful shade that works well across the skin tone spectrum and is expected to rain supreme into the depths of winter. These green wallets for women are in fashion all year long!

On Trend : Soft Hued // The sorbet sashay - soft hued, smart + sensual. Oversized accessories completely finished in powder blue leather. Touches of pastels added to soft grey metallic ensembles. A dallop of pastel is all you need... more was more in the case of starlet Lupita’s most recent décolletage award show gown.

Can’t take the pastel plunge? Mix it up by pairing them with brighter contrasting tones.

A geometric pattern adds dimension to the reflective nature of the stainless steel textile covering these green wallets for women. Shadows and shading influence the appearance of these patterns as light pours over the beveled surface.


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