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// About This Collection //

Light absorbing leather is paired with our illuminating stainless steel. Our most popular leather wallets for sale are available in high-contrast combinations from the Leather Exterior Collection. Our stainless steel interior is paired with the finest quality full grain leather. An enriched leather provides for a smooth, tight and supple hand. These men's slim leather wallets are favored for their elegance and strength.

A reinterpretation of the average wallet for men who do not settle for the everyday but delight in the extra-ordinary. This men's leather accessory features an original design, our stainless steel interior cloaked in a traditional exterior. Paired with the finest quality full grain leather, enriched to provide for a smooth, tight and supple hand. The leather we use is favored for its elegance and strength.

Each minute the RFID chip in your wallet sends 120 signals. An RFID reader can capture the signal + save the data. Our stainless steel fabric traps that signal and the data safely inside the wallet. Our leather wallets for sale naturally protects this information, trapping the signal inside the wallet, unable to escape - the RFID chip is silent while in your wallet, unable to communicate with any RFID reading device.

Each strand of stainless steel thread is 3x thinner than a single sheet of paper. Interwoven strands present endless angles of reflection producing a truly brilliant material. Our stainless steel textile is the best RFID blocking concept available. Instead of trying to wrap your credit cards in aluminum or tin foil, check out the beautiful selection of wallets available from STEWART/STAND®.

The debut of the stainless steel wallet marked the moment anti-theft technology became a sportswear textile. We find ourselves at the forefront of emerging trends as well as emerging technologies. Testing materials for new personal accessory concepts was part of the original premise that inspired us: developing accessories for modern living.

Not only does the STEWART/STAND® stainless steel wallet offer the best RFID protection, designer appeal, quality tailoring and an eco-condcious design... we also offer spectacular customer service. The every day use of your stainless steel wallet is not all that different from owning an ordinary wallet. However there are some points of difference. This is why we aime to please! With the pruchase of any stainless steel wallet, you should feel welcome to call us and discuss if there is a better silhouette for your lifestyle. There is nothing that makes us happier than knowing that our customer is also happy. One more reason to switch to stainless steel today.

Our men's slim leather wallet offering from STEWART/STAND® offers a wide variety of styles and sizes. From full-capacity bill folds to slim credit card cases. Some of our sleekest wallets are found on this page. Rich black, deep brown and a very traditional tan, allow you to blend with the crowd, keeping your stealth RFID blocking tech secretly inside. Bright yellow, a di-coloric green + yellow blend masters the balance between neon and cheerful... this exact tone is officially registered as a smile enducer, sure to brighten up your day. It's your own pocket full of sunshine. We also offer a cobalt blue, just for fun.

The most exciting and newest addition to the family is our aperture collection. A touch of color along the edge, offered in red, blue, yellow, lime green, teal + ice blue. This collection was insired by the modern aesthetic of the Kodak Checvron8 series. The exterior includes a round window that peeks through to the stainless steel below. The round window mimics the aperture, or the eye, of the Checvron8. Deep within Kodak's equipment exists the complex mechanics that translates and renders the moving or still image. RFID technology is complicated too. That's why, like Kodak, we take all the guess work out of "how things work"... you slide your credit card into our wallet (anywhere), and we do all the rest.


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