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// About This Collection //

STEWART/STAND® offers four distinct collections which incorporate a combination of rich leather and stainless steel. The collection with the greatest ratio of leather to steel is the also the newest, the Aperture Collection. This men's leather wallet collection features a rich black exterior and interior. The only stainless steel that is visible can be found along two interior credit card pockets and a peek at the stainless steel lining through a round window on the front of the wallet. Like all our RFID leather wallets, every pocket and even the money welt will block the RFID signal in your credit cards + enhanced IDs.

The Leather Tech Collection shows a touch more stainless steel inside + out, when compared to the Aperture Collection. Crossing card slots of stainless steel are blended with leather and/or silver ballistic nylon. Along the exterior of the wallet a strip of stainless steel appears, at an angle or vertically plum or parallel to the edges of the wallet. It's a quick statement, mistaken often for a printed detail, but upon further inspection, when light hits the steel strip a quick reflective flash reveals the hi-tech textile.

The Leather Exterior Collection has the most subtle and traditional effect without any stainless steel featured on the exterior. However, the interior is almost 100% stainless steel, with the exception of the inner spine and the edge trim.

Having the biggest impact of all the blended stainless steel and STEWART/STAND men's leather wallet collections is the Slim Line Collection. From the front-view, the Slim Line wallets are 90% stainless steel. The back of the exterior is completely cloaked in leather, allowing for the front to stand out.

It's true, our best sellign wallets are our vegan wallets. But for some, the familiar feel of leather is foremost when it comes to choosing a new accessory. The leather allows for a flexible credit card pocket that will allow the wearer to carry more than the all-stainless steel pockets which will also slightly expand, but are much more rigid.

A variety of leather color to choose from, our trendy yellow RFID leather wallets are currently the most in demand. A rich black leather is available in every collection. Our Leather Exterior collection features a deep chocolate brown tone as well as a bright traditional tan. All vegetable dyed, eco-conscious leathers, we do our best to craft a superior wallet that will become even more beautiful the longer you own it. We also offer a bright blue, a cobalt that is sure to turn heads. Colored leather options vary by collection.

Looking for another way to brighten up your personal accessory... try the new Aperture Collection, which offer six different color options in two different wallet sizes. A touch of color is added along the edge of the exterior, as well as accenting the sleek interior and finally highliting the round cut-out on the front. Aperture is avaialble in cobalt blue, ice blue, lime green, bright yellow, teal blue and red.


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