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// About This Collection //

Incorporated into spacesuits for durability, appreciated by architects for its flexible + structural nature, favored by engineers for its precision and impermeability, and chosen by STEWART/STAND for its beauty + security. Our stainless steel textile seen in these men's wallets for sale has been exhibited at The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum as part of their Extreme Textiles show. We specialize in incorporating specialized materials into every day accessories. Sourcing high-performance textiles from Maharam New York + Knoll Textiles, as well as the finest leather from Spinneybeck for our designer wallets on sale. Included in Men's Limited Sale is a collection of limited edition discount designer wallets and other personal accessories we can not continue to produce. All men's wallets for sale are under our 100% guarantee, the same as our regular priced items. Enjoy!

An American Design Co. // STEWART/STAND® is a privately held design company established by brothers Theo and Paul Stewart-Stand now headquartered in San Diego, CA + Manhattan, NY. The company designs, markets and sells designer men's and women's accessories and other original lifestyle products like the discount designer wallets seen here to customers worldwide. Through their flagship store and retail partners in the US, Europe and Asian markets, this American design company has expanded far beyond its Brooklyn, NY origins - since 2002.

STEWART/STAND® has gained a reputation for producing innovative accessories for men and women with quality and craftsmanship that is unmatched in material, interest, and style.

As consumer interests shift, we respond by shifting our focus within our product catalog. This year our main focus is our Stainless Steel Wallet + Accessories collection, and the extension of the range into larger accessories and smaller tech accessories - coming soon. You can see an example of this product line with the discount designer wallets in the collection above.

// THE STAINLESS STEEL WALLET _ Designed 2005 - The discovery, refinement and development of Stewart/Stand’s signature stainless steel material coincided with a seminal exhibition at The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. The title of the exhibition: Extreme Textiles.

The material has diverse applications: Incorporated into spacesuits for durability, appreciated by architects for its flexible + stable nature, favored by engineers for its precision and impermeability, preferred by surgeons for strength, and chosen by Stewart/Stand for its beauty and security.

Around the time of this exhibition we began developing the material for our specific applications, falling in love with both the steel’s touch and handle. Stewart/Stand sensed a tremendous opportunity at the intersection of fashion and technology. Combining age-old tailoring techniques, with state of the art equipment, Stewart/Stand ensures a thin, lightweight alternative to traditional leather; an intelligent accessory that can be carried every day. You can see some of our most popular discount designer wallets here on our site.


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