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// About This Collection //

mon·o·chrome (noun) - developed or executed in varying tones of only one color.

Silvery metallics, shimmery textures, super luminous… our monochrome collection offers a sophisticated palate. Each texture creates a variation of luster. A flash of light hits the stainless steel and a sparkle effect ripples over the texture.

Choose from a warm grey toned full grain leather or our vegan silvery nylon to upgrade the shimmer. Our leather is top of it’s class. Rich + responsibly tanned with a vegetable based organic pigments. Soft and supple, as well as strong, this type of leather is the ultimate choice in personal accessories. The silvery nylon option adds a bit more excitement to the mix. A truly cruelty-free option our vegan selections offer a beautiful and cosmopolitan choice. Either way, you are sure to be pleased with the unmatched refinement found in the monochrome collection.

Geometric + natural textures are impressed in the stainless steel. Our alligator or crocodile texture is a classic women’s accessory pattern. Update this timeless look with our stainless steel fabric.

The stripe texture is inspired by pablo picasso’s unnamed sculpture gifted to Chicago, which now resides in Daley Plaza. Built in cooperation with the American Bridge Company division of the US Steel Corporation. This monumental sculpture demonstrates Picasso’s cubism in a three dimensional form. The sculpture’s large extension rising up from the back held up with a series of long skinny poles, creating a fractured stripe pattern on the objects around it. Our cubist’s stripe pattern is pulled from these shadows.

The diamond texture is a fantastic experiment in creating the most amount of light reflection from a tiny pattern. The more bends in the stainless steel, the more opportunity for multi-directional reflections. Shine like a diamond!

We created a series of soft archs in the shatter texture. Inspired by Anish Kapoor’s untitled steel sculpture, based on a concave disc shape. Combining art and science into a layered, multi-sensory experience for his audience, the concave dish creates a sense of limitlessness through fractured reflections in it’s surface. The surfaces triangular patterning is a result of fractals, wherein multiples are equivalent to the whole.

The most intriguing of our textures is a woven basketweave of stainless steel strips. This textile is woven by a master basket-weaver. It takes several days of work to weave the fabric for a single handbag. Those who have indulged in our best selling design - to date - have enjoyed the attention and admiration it attracts.

Which style is right for you? The travel wristlet wallet is a shoe-in for those who plan to pack their lives into one wallet. Lots of room, even for multiple passports… this is the ultimate option for those on the go. The continental clutch wallet is the obvious choice for the image-conscious, unveiling this flashy gray wallet while out with friends will make you the envy of all. It looks like an evening clutch, with the practicality and organization of a wallet. The french purse is the perfect hand-held size wallet, which features a zipper coin compartment on the exterior.

Our travel passport wallet and passport case are terrific options for the frequent flyer. Keep all your travel cards and IDs in one place. Enjoy the added security of knowing your private information is protected from RFID hi-tech pick pockets. Our stainless steel fabric naturally traps the RFID signal in your wallet. No need to research the intricacies of RFID enabled devices… simply slide your credit card or passport or ID anywhere into any of our women's stainless steel wallets - and that’s it! STEWART/STAND is the first and still the best option for credit card safety, especially while traveling.

The newest addition… Our diamond texture is available in the mini-zipper wallet. Petite and sweet, Mini also packs a punch! Inspired by the French purse, with a zipper for added security. The diamond texture adds added shine to the stainless steel. The criss-cross pattern reflects light and creates a trendy appeal to the new favorite.

Thank you for choosing STEWART/SAND for your small accessory needs. We aim to please! Still not sure which wallet fits the bill? Have further questions about your wallet? We enjoy connecting with our customers. Contact us for personal assistance: 760-827-1400 xoxo, STEWART/STAND.


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