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// About This Collection //

The silver card holders and stainless steel wallets for men have a handle as smooth as silk. The silver wallets in our Original Collection are composed of our custom stainless steel textile and accented with a casual silver nylon at the spine + along the interior.

We designed + developed our first stainless steel wallet in Brooklyn, NY. The original collection is where it all began. We fell in love with a stainless steel material while visiting a manufacturer in Italy. We modified the weave to make it more suitable for accessories and began to show them at menswear trade shows. It was after our first trade show that we received a call from Texas Instruments telling us that we had something extraordinary. He and his other engineers had all been on the look out for a protective cover for their credit cards since they had been developing the RFID technology that was planned to roll out across the USA in a year or so. It was from this conversation that we were connected with a very excited scientific community. Thus the world's first RFID blocking wallet was born.

The original collection contains our best selling bill fold, with six crossing card slots and a full bill compartment. Behind the credit card pockets are two stash pockets for misc items, or your ID.

Place your RFID enabled device ANYWHERE in the wallet and it will be protected. You can even place your credit cards or IDs in the clear window pocket of the 3 slot wallet with ID... a phenomenon termed "reflection" in the RFID technology field will still keep your RFID chip information safe.

Some unique items in the original collection are the magnetic money clip wallet, simple money clip and a very basic silver card holder. One thing we learned about out stainless steel wallets for men ... when a guy finds a wallet he likes, he sticks to it. Which is why we offer a wide variety of styles to suit every man's need.

Our magnetic money clip wallet includes a "ticket pocket" it's a traditional addition to mens accessories... for the item in your wallet you plan to use imminently. Tickets for a play, your metro card or a VIP pass. The magnetic money clip attached to the back can hold an abundance of paper bills. Please do not place your credit card within the grasp of the magnet. The strength of the magnet should not desensitize your credit card, but it is ONLY meant to hold bills. There is a single pocket between the money clip and the ticket pocket to hold up to 5 credit cards.

The simple money clip is just for bills. It is a great gift for someone who only uses a money clip and would like something a modern aesthetic. The money clip will not protect your credit cards, since it is only meant to hold bills, but it was a frequent request. Enjoy!

The simple card case can hold just a few credit cards, but it is perfect for your most sensitive ID, etc... you can store these items in this silver card holder and drop it into your every day wallet. Phew! Who knew security would be that easy!

The removable RFID wings are absolutely our favorite addition to the stainless steel wallet collection. You can purchase these and use them in any wallet, or you can buy them to add more storage to a STEWART/STAND® stainless steel wallet.

All the items in the original collection are vegan friendly. We are happy to announce that our best selling wallets are our vegan wallets. We take pride in the ability to offer a modern designer wallet that is both eco-conscious + cruelty free!


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