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The smartest solution for two very different problems!

Problem number one: If you feel attached to your wallet, but it does not offer an RFID blocking feature... add your sensitive credit cards that are RFID-enabled to this removable RFID wallet insert and slide it into your wallet. Problem solved. Your favorite wallet is now RFID blocking!

Our removable men's wallet inserts fit any standard Bill Fold Wallet from any brand. A pocket with an ID window, + 2 more credit card slots provide space for credit cards + ID's that are enhanced with RFID chips.

Problem number two: You don't have enough room in our bill fold wallets for your every day needs... grab your Removable RFID Wing + fill it up... slide one end into a "stash pocket" located directly behind the credit card pockets. Problem solved!

By keeping your most important credit cards + ID in your Removable RFID Wing, you can easily take what you need + leave the "George Costanza" bulk behind. Just grab your Removable RFID Wing + slide it out of your wallet, leave the bulk behind + bring only your essentials with you.

For the ultra minimalist, this RFID Wing may be all the wallet required. It's a rare but modern occurrence.


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