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// About This Collection //

Ballistic nylon reinforces the spine + accents the interior of these silver metal wallets. Flat stainless steel feels as smooth as silk. Textured stainless steel makes a bold statement in a variety of geometric patterns. These steel wallets are composed of our custom textured stainless steel textile. Shimmer + Shine! Reflective stainless steel diamonds accented with with an iridescent silver nylon.

We searched the entire catalog of top textile companies before we found our vegan silver nylon. Feather light but incredibly durable, a touch of iridescence escapes from beneath, brightening-up the room when struck by a ray of light.

The steeper the texture the more reflective the pattern. Our diamond texture allows for maximum reflection.

On Trend : Bling Ring Metallics // Designers have put the pedal to the metal, amping up mirror metallic finishes and iridescent fabrics. Shining on all of the major runways of fashion’s capitals, these looks bring a fresh sense of opulence to the always-colourful season.

The stainless steel fabric in these silver metal wallets also protect your credit cars and IDs from Identity theft. Place your credit card anywhere in the wallet and your RFID enabled data is protected. These silver wallets for women come in several shapes and sizes, including zipper wallets, clutch wallets, and card cases.


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