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// About This Collection //

The Slim Line wallets are the thinnest full bill fold wallet we make. Slides easily into your front or back pocket. Textured stainless steel on the front and premium full-grain leather on the spine + the back. These slim wallets for men also feature an extra stash pocket on the exterior allows for easy access to your most important credit cards, ID or metro cards.

Our slim wallets for men use the finest quality full-grain leather, favored for its elegance and strength. An enriched leather provides for a smooth, tight + supple hand.

A geometric pattern adds dimension to the reflective nature of our stainless steel textile. Shadows and shading influence the appearance of these patterns as light pours over the slim line wallets' beveled surface.

The stealth nature of our slim line wallets won us surprising press from Quartz, the digital news media website. Always flattered when we are mentioned in the news, we obtained this incredible quote: “The perfect gift for Edward Snowden: These wallets, passport holders, and other accessories by STEWART/STAND® are made with stainless steel fabric that protects their contents from electronic spies. Increasingly abundant RFID chips, found in everything from Oyster Cards to American passports to European credit cards, can easily be sniffed for personal information—unless you have protection. The fabric, surprisingly, feels more like silk than Brillo. It’s also lighter than a traditional leather wallet and, of course, can’t be stained (but can be scratched). Men’s accessories are the most popular and practical, but STEWART/STAND also sells stainless steel clutches for women with a paranoid streak.” The posting on (Quartz Media) was written by Zachary M. Seward.


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