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// About This Collection //

Our thinnest women's wallets come in two options, the slim credit card case + the clutch wallet. The card case has four pockets and can even fit inside your current wallet. Super slim, it can be slid into your shirt pocket. Primarily used for credit cards and IDs, you can also fold some bills in half and stash some cash. The ultimate minimalist's wallet. Choose from our flashy stainless steel embelished chroma card cases, or choose the more subtle option from the color block collection with just a touch of smooth stainless steel.

The largest slim women's wallet in the collection is the Clutch Wallet. A divided bill fold to organize money and receipts, etc... as well as 6 credit card pockets, this wallet also incorporates a zipper coin compartment on the back. A snap closure keeps all your contents safe inside. Available in a variety of color options. So slim, this wallet fits into the slimmest clutch.

Our mini wallets are available in two sizes and three styles. The smallest mini wallet is our Business / Credit Card Case. Available in an array of color options with textured stainless steel accents as an option. Pack this mini with credit cards, folded bills or anything else you can pack inside.

The larger mini wallets are our French Purse Wallet and the Mini Zipper Wallet. Both based on the classic french purse design, choose our French Purse for the snap closure with separate zipper coin compartment. Prefer keeping everything all-zipped-up? Our Mini Zipper version of the French Purse is the right choice.

Each of these options is petite and sweet. All styles protect from RFID theft as well. Place your credit cards or ID anywhere in the wallet and your personal data is safe from digital theft. It's that easy!


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