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Textured stainless steel makes a bold statement in a variety of geometric patterns. These men's stainless steel wallets are composed of our custom textured stainless steel textile + accented with a casual silver nylon at the spine + along the interior.

THE WORLD DOESN'T NEED ANOTHER LEATHER WALLET // We were immediately attracted to the touch and feel of our signature, flexible stainless steel material when we first discovered it. It's no more rigid then a leather wallet when you put credit cards and cash inside it, yet it remains ultra thin. The threads that make up our steel wallets are three times thinner then a piece of paper; other companies claim their wallets are thin, ours actually are. We were the first RFID blocking wallet when we introduced them 12 years ago. Rather than a hidden lining, our wallets both look and function as a shield. ISO 15693 certified, Stewart/Stand wallets protect sensitive credit card information while allowing the transmission of non sensitive information from contactless office keys to allow for easy passage in and out of your offices.

The texture collection is full of our best selling men's stainless steel wallet styles. The development of the stainless steel textile woven from threads of purely stainless steel also combines the artistry of letterpress-style plate making with modern press operations. Since the project began, The_Studio@ has expanded their portfolio introducing over a dozen stainless steel textured fabrics. Our texture options appeal to a diverse audience. The herringbone pattern is inspired by the chevron details in architecture, the traditional menswear fabric as well as tire treads. The 3D box is built from two geometric shapes, alternating convex and concave, the pattern is meant to toy with depth perception. A calculated pattern projects sophistication. The hive wallet is based on honey comb formations but is most often recognized as a hex-key tool shape. The triangle texture is a tribute to some of our favorite architectural designs, often alternating glass windows with opaque wall. The diamond plate texture was a literal interpretation of the stainless steel grip plate that can be found on the edge of most industrial moving equipment/machinery. The first texture we created was the checkered texture. The checkered texture wallet is an interpretation of gingham fabric, often used in finer menswear.

The texture collection is available as a vegan wallet constructed with our silver ballistic nylon. Our largest and best-selling men's stainless steel wallet silhouette is the bill fold. The crossing card slots on the interior are an aesthetic detail mirroring the forward slash in our logo. However, the crossing card slots also hold a valuable benefit, as the slanted card slots allow for easier inserting and removing of your credit cards and IDs. Most security requires the removal of your ID card from your wallet these days, so we do not include an ID window pocket in the basic bill fold. That being said, you can add a removable ID wing, which we also sell, to match your basic bill fold. The bill fold has room for bills, and can hold both American and Euro bills. The tri-fold wallet is also a popular wallet design, this wallet includes all the options on the bill fold wallet, but with a larger bill fold and the addition of a designated ID window pocket. The slim fold wallet perfectly fits American bills, it is slightly shorter than the basic bill fold. It holds less credit cards than the bill fold but includes an ID window pocket. Our driving wallet is a perfect fit for the front or back pocket of the slimmer waist lines found on modern-cut men's denim and pants. Slightly larger than a credit card, it has as much storage space as the basic bill fold, but without the bill compartment. This is a popular choice amongst men who do not carry much cash with them, any bills can be folded and tucked behind the credit cards in one or both of the "stash pockets". The passport sleeve is wrapped around a passport like a book cover, it is simply a protective cover for your passport. The jotter holds a notepad and contains a pocket for notes or business credit cards, popular for keeping golf scores, etc... The V-Pouch is a very simple design. It uses a single gusset pocket to hold anything you like, a great gift for someone who does not like to carry a wallet, but is looking for a simple and flexible RFID protection solution.

Select textures are also available paired with a rich full grain leather. These are the Slim Line wallets. The Slim Line wallets are the thinnest full bill fold wallet we make. Slides easily into your front or back pocket. Textured stainless steel on the front and premium full-grain leather on the spine + the back. An extra stash pocket on the exterior allows for easy access to your most important credit cards, ID or metro cards. We use the finest quality full-grain leather, favored for its elegance and strength. An enriched leather provides for a smooth, tight + supple hand. A geometric pattern adds dimension to the reflective nature of our stainless steel textile. Shadows and shading influence the appearance of these patterns as light pours over the beveled surface. The only slim line wallet that can hold American and Euro bills is the bill fold with coin. All other Slim Line wallets are a shorter version of the bill fold with the addition of a stash pocket on the exterior of the wallet, on the back.


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