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From coast to coast and around the world, the jet set know what travel requires.

The classic alligator or crocodile patterns on our women's travel wallets compliment any wardrobe. The light catches on the dips and turns pressed into the stainless steel creating a stellar light show every time the sun pours over the surface.

Our RFID travel wallets feature candy colored brights and pastels or soft-hued silvery greys that match the reflective sensibility of the steel. For the ultimate brilliance, the silvery vegan nylon offers the perfect pairing. An iridescence beneath the nylon creeps up through the textile and offers a shimmer and shine that is unmatched.

Our stainless steel textile is not only beautiful, it doubles as the world's best RFID blocking device. Credit cards and IDs issued in the USA are not encrypted. The issue here is not just the information on a single credit card. Consider the different types of data we carry at once. If we are traveling we even have our passport with us, which all are now RFID enabled. Readers will pick up all information printed on your passport + data from each credit card. This is enough information to steel your identity. The RFID chips in our wallets are vulnerable. Keep your personal data to yourself, be sure to travel with an RFID-blocking wallet. All STEWART/STAND wallets block RFID transmissions from enhanced credit cards and IDs. Travel safe! Travel Smart!


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