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// About This Collection //

These are designer vegan wallets for men. It’s a fact - our best selling wallets are vegan. The STEWART/STAND® Stainless Steel Wallet is an eco-conscious design. 100% of stainless steel is recyclable + our vegan wallets are made with 85%+ post-consumer recycled materials. We offer a wide variety of elegant options of earth friendly designs, as well as dozens of vegan products for men. These products in this assortment are "Peta-Approved Vegan".

ECO-LUXURY // We believe in environmentally responsible manufacturing using materials + processes that are safe for the planet. Sold world-wide, our vegan wallet designs meet the highest standards in consumer safety.

EXCLUSIVE STANDARDS // State of the art equipment + exceptionally talented tailors ensure the highest quality for our men's vegan wallets. We have been working with the same technical tailors for the past 10 years + are proud that our vegan wallets are cut + sewn by the finest textile engineers.

Offering a full portfolio of vegan men's wallet silhouettes, including but not limited to: bill fold wallets, slim fold wallets with ID windows, driving wallets for primary credit card carriers, passport covers for the jet set, card cases + removable RFID wings for the ultimate minimalist or for increased bill fold wallet capacity. Our signature look of stainless steel, textured or smooth, the vegan men's wallet collection showcases the best of what STEWART/STAND® has to offer. Options with accents of stainless steel for a more stealth look are also available as part of the vegan collection. When pairing our signature stainless steel textile we source materials from Maharam + Knoll Textiles to ensure a superior men's vegan wallet. Options include the Classic Repeat Stripe from contemporary designer Hella Jongerius of Jongerius Lab. Currently based in Berlin, Hella has been expanding what defines textile arts, as well as in other design categories.


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