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TRAVEL TECH : GEAR UP, A Smarter Way to Hit the Road - Virtuoso Life Magazine by Justin Paul + featuring the STEWART/STAND Stainless Steel Clutch Wallet in Periwinkle + Yellow.

1. Part of a second wave of more intelligent wearable tech, the new Fitbit Alta automatically records and recognized most workouts without any swiping, tapping or other fiddling to track routines. (It also automatically tracks the length and quality of sleep, prompts users to be more active after remaining sedentary for too long, and forwards texts, caller ID, and calendar notifications from their smartphones.) Wireless syncing mirrors all info on its app, whether that’s steps towards a daily movement goal, calories burned, or hourly activity. from $130,

2. Top earbuds distinguish themselves with excellent fit and passive sound blocking that filters most ambient boise, yet still lets you hear what you need to - such as a passing car during a jog. A new trail favorite: the GRIO from Brooklyn’s Grado Labs, with light weight, silicone-tipped earbuds that remain comfortable for hours and stay pit during exercise. Best of all, while the drivers are powerful, the sound defaults to clarity over throbbing bass. $399,

3. Lock in an eagle’s eye of the green with Garmin’s Approach S6 golf watch which shows precisely where the pin is, even it it’s blocked by trees or you’re hitting out of a deep trap. Using GPS coordinates and the company;s database of more than 40,000 courses worldwide, it provides the stance to the hole, as well as to the green’s front, back and center. Automatic score keeping, the ability to preview the next hole’s doglegs and bunkers, and a glove-friendly cool touch screen place the S6 atop the golf watch leader board. $350,

4. Global Entry cards aren’t the only valuables travelers are advised to protect with radio-frequency identification sleeves: Credit cards - especially those supporting contactless payment - are vulnerable to tech-smart thieves looking to steel info remotely. STEWART/STAND’s stainless steel wallets block “sniffers” with a ballistic nylon and flexible recycled-steel exterior that breaks in like a traditional leather wallet. If the look is too flash, opt for the leather models with embedded stainless steel. From $74, - SHOP THIS LOOK, CLICK HERE.

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